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Affirmations: How to be Kind to Yourself

"Today I am going to have a good day." - Jordy

This is what I told myself after having a horrible Monday a few weeks ago. I was determined to have a productive, positive Tuesday come hell or high water. I remember feeling so down and defeated that particular Monday. I was getting pulled every which way at my job, my apartment looked like a tornado had just touched down and my puppy, Oreo, decided to have a horrible case of diarrhea and leave wonderful surprises around my cluttered space.

I needed a moment to regroup before I exploded either in anger or sadness.

During this moment, I just looked around, observed my settings and just took a deep breath in. And another one. And other one *DJ Khaled voice*. To the point where I began to relax and ease my mind. I said to myself "Self, just take it one step at a time. Get this done today and tomorrow will be better."

I cleaned up Oreo's crap, I organized my apartment and I did not look at my work emails for the rest of that Monday night. I said a tiny prayer and went to sleep. When I woke up the next day, that Tuesday, the first thing I said to myself was " Today I am going to have a good day."

When I walked into work, I was once again whisked away into projects, meetings and busyness. I just kept repeating "Today I am going to have a good day." Got home, Oreo was still being hella regular and with the shits. Picked it up and said to myself "Nope, this is still a pretty good day." I looked at the last pile of laundry, which would normally give me a dreadful feeling ( because lets face it...after washing and drying, I take forever to fold. It literally just sits there in the basket for weeks. #NoShame) and said, "I am grateful for these clothes."

Went to bed, said a prayer and smiled. I legit had a good day that day and no one could have told me otherwise.

Being raised into a southern Baptist household, the Proverbs 18:21 was always said to me when I said something negative. "Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof." As a child, I didn't really understand it (or really I chose not to understand it lol) but as an adult, I completely get it now: You have the choice of words over your life. What you say can really affect your outcome. Even if you are not religious, we all have the power to shift our thoughts and be more conscious of what we put out there in the universe.

Looking back on that faithful Monday to Tuesday shift, I realized that my situation and atmosphere did not change. How I viewed my situation and atmosphere did. My reaction to my situation changed drastically and that made all the difference.

Next time you are going through a tough spot, I encourage you to do these three things:

1. Stop, drop and breathe - Stop what you are doing, drop the worry/guilt/anxiety/stress/etc., and then breathe. Take three deep inhales through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Envision your inhales as as a dark color. This color represents those toxic thoughts that are causing you to say mean things to yourself ( or even others!). When you exhale, envision a lighter color. This color represents joy, peace, serenity, and stillness.

2. Repeat a mantra to yourself - A mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated to one's self. This can be done during meditation or just throughout the day as a reminder. When looking at the the word mantra, "man" - means mind and "tra" means transport or vehicle. When repeating a mantra you are literally transporting your mind into a deeper state of awareness and paying attention to your thoughts.

Here are some that I love to repeat to myself not only on the yoga mat, but during my daily life:

- I am powerful

- I am resilient

- I am enough

- I am worthy

- I will let go

- I will surrender

3. Visualize your thoughts

Sometimes you need a visual to remind yourself that you got this. Journal, write sticky notes to yourself, draw, something that will be etched not only in your mind but in visual form. For me, I like to write and jot down my thoughts. That way whenever I need a pick me up, I can go back and re-read what I wrote or see something kind I said to myself

So the next time you are having a down moment, ask yourself what have you done for YOU lately? (cue Janet Jackson lol). No but seriously...what kind thing have you done for yourself recently? What positive thing have you done for yourself or others recently? This week I challenge you to take note of your thoughts and whenever you find yourself going into a negative space, be gentle.

I would love to know how you show kindness to yourself or what affirmations/mantras you say! Share below in the comments.

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