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Check Your Ego at the Door

In the age of social media and curated lifestyles, it is easy to look at someone else's yoga practice and try to compare. We view someone else's Instagram or Facebook page and think "Wow that is impressive" or "I wish I can do that." Perhaps when looking at those images, we even have a twinge of jealousy or disappointment that we are not further along in our own journey. I am not afraid to admit that I have done this before and I am pretty sure you have done it too ( If you haven't, kudos. Teach me your ways please).

Your yoga practice, your journey is just that - YOURS. Don't worry about what is happening on your neighbor's mat in class or how some yogi did a crazy hard pose on Instagram. We often times envy the things we have no clue about, meaning we don't know the back story behind that image. We don't know the hard work, the time, the dedication, the setbacks or the comebacks that a person may have endured to get to that very moment you are looking at. If you knew the person's journey, would you still be jealous? Would you still want to walk in their shoes? Be mindful of the things you desire because you never know what it took to get there. Take a step back and be content with your practice. Be proud of where you are. Let go of any set expectations you have for yourself and for once, just let it be.

This thing called ego can screw you up royally which is why I say you need to get a hold of it as soon as it begins to cross your mind. Why? Your ego will have you thinking you should push yourself harder when you really should rest. Your ego will have you thinking you are not good enough because you are comparing yourself to others. Your ego will get in the way of your progress if you let it.

You're better than that. Check your ego at the door. If it creeps onto the mat, release it and move on.

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