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How to Start Your Home Yoga Practice

Some times going to a studio to practice yoga can be a challenge. Fighting through traffic, arriving late and squeezing in between folks while profusely apologizing can through even the most experienced yogi off. Instead of coming into your practice aware and relaxed, you're feeling more like frazzled and rushed.

Or what if you don't have the time to even go to a studio? Work, kids, homework or other obligations can cause you to miss the studio all together! This is when having a strong home practice can come in handy.

When I first started my yoga journey, I stayed at home and practiced. My reason? Well I was a freshly unemployed college grad with zero funds. I wanted to learn yoga but couldn't afford it. I loved practicing at home ( and I still do). There are some benefits from practicing at home like defining your own sacred space, a sense of comfort, and of course a huge money and time saver.

Crow Pose
I've been practicing yoga at home since 2012

Not sure how to start your own yoga practice? Here are some tips below:

What You Will Need to Begin:

  • A comfortable, quiet place to practice - Find a room with enough space for you to comfortably practice in. Ideally, you would want this designated area to be as quiet as possible so you may concentrate on your practice. It does not have to be a huge area, but just as long as it is clean and open you should be good to go.

  • Yoga props - Think about what is at your local studio and try to bring those same items into your own space. Things like a yoga mat, blocks, straps, bolsters and blankets are great to have when beginning your home yoga practice. Don't worry about having all those things all at once either. It takes time to build a collection.

  • Realistic goals & practice times - If you are new to this, take it easy. Start off with a 10 to 15 minute practice just so you can get an idea of how it feels to practice at home. Once you begin to become more comfortable, you can increase the time. Also start with a beginner's sequence or flow through Sun Salutations. Not sure what a Sun A or Sun B are? Click the links and follow along!

  • An Open Mind - When you come to your mat at home, clear it of any judgement. This is your time to be playful, try new things or practice other poses you learned in class but didn't have enough time to dive deeper into. Just like any other day, some times your body is yearning for a powerful practice. Other times it is looking for something more restorative. At home, you have the ability to really tune into yourself and chose your own practice for the day.

Humble Warrior
You may have distractions at home, but don't let it stop you from practicing!

YouTube and Instagram will be your Friend

A big thing that helped when I began my journey was following yoga tutorials on YouTube and participating in yoga challenges on Instagram. Here are some YouTube Channels that I watched early on in my practice ( and still watch to this day).

The best advice I can give you is just roll out your mat and begin. There is no wrong or right way to start your practice. Next week, I will create a 15 minute beginner home flow so you can add it to your daily practice.

If you have a home practice, what other advice could you give someone who is just beginning? Leave a comment below :)

Apartment living room + yoga mat + strap = endless possibilities

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